Welcome to the home of The Mighty Gripper

The Mighty Gripper is a unique piece of equipment, the only one of its kind and recognised world wide as being the best sampling device available. The uniqueness is in the fact that water or other liquids are sampled directly into the bottle that will go to the laboratory. There is no decanting from collection container into final bottles so no chance of cross contamination. They are also autoclavable for sterilizing purposes.

This equipment is mainly used for water sampling from rivers, streams, dams, ponds etc. They are also used in industrial situations for sampling chemical strengths and dilutions in vats and holding tanks.

Our customers either have a discharge from a processing plant, catchments that need to be monitored for water quality or the need to sample liquids from tanks or other inaccessible areas. We supply large organisations such as dairy companies, oil companies, freezing works, District Health Boards, Regional and District councils. We also have a long list of quarries, engineers and consultants spread the length and breadth of New Zealand.

John Morris Scientific Pty Ltd, based in Australia, have the sole distribution rights for Australia and the Pacific Islands.